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Tom Ford

Rose De Chine By Tom Ford

Rose De Chine By Tom Ford

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Rose de Chine is a fragrance created by the renowned American fashion designer Tom Ford. It is part of the Private Blend collection, known for its luxurious and sophisticated scents. 


This perfume is inspired by the beautiful and delicate Chinese rose, also known as Rosa chinensis. It captures the essence of this elegant flower and presents it in a modern and sensual way. 


The fragrance opens with a burst of bright and citrusy notes, including bergamot and mandarin orange, which add a refreshing touch to the composition. As it develops, the heart of the fragrance reveals the rich and captivating aroma of the Chinese rose. The rose notes are accompanied by warm spices like black pepper and clove, creating a harmonious and indulgent experience. 


The base notes of "Rose de Chine" are deep and sensual, with hints of patchouli and amber. These notes add depth and longevity to the fragrance, ensuring that it lasts throughout the day. 


Overall, "Rose de Chine" by Tom Ford is a captivating and luxurious perfume that combines the timeless beauty of the Chinese rose with modern sensuality. It is perfect for those who appreciate sophisticated and elegant fragrances.

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