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Narciso Rodriguez



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NARCISO POUDRÉE is a captivating perfume that exudes elegance and sensuality. It is a delicate and powdery fragrance created by Narciso Rodriguez, a renowned fashion designer. 


The perfume opens with a floral bouquet of white jasmine and Bulgarian rose, which adds a touch of femininity and gracefulness to the composition. The heart notes consist of musk, creating a warm and sensual base. The musk in NARCISO POUDRÉE is velvety and enveloping, giving it a seductive allure.


What sets NARCISO POUDRÉE apart is its powdery accord, which gives the fragrance a subtle and intimate feel. The powdery notes blend seamlessly with the floral and musky elements, creating a unique and sophisticated scent.


Overall, NARCISO POUDRÉE is a fragrance that evokes a sense of timeless beauty and allure. It is perfect for those who appreciate a delicate and feminine scent with a touch of sensuality.

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