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Santal Royal by Guerlain

Santal Royal by Guerlain

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Santal Royal by Guerlain is a luxurious and captivating fragrance that belongs to the exclusive Les Absolus d'Orient collection. Here's a description of this exquisite perfume:


**Scent Profile:** Santal Royal is primarily centered around the rich and precious note of sandalwood. It offers a deep and opulent woody character that's complemented by various other aromatic ingredients.


**Top Notes:** The perfume opens with bright and fresh top notes that include neroli, jasmine, and cinnamon. These initial notes provide a lively and inviting introduction.


**Heart Notes:** The heart of Santal Royal is where the essence truly shines. It features a generous dose of creamy and velvety sandalwood, which is the star of the show. This is accompanied by woody notes, leather, and an alluring hint of ylang-ylang. The heart notes contribute to the fragrance's depth and sensuality.


**Base Notes:** The base notes bring warmth and longevity to the scent. They consist of amber, musk, and various oriental spices, creating a lingering and seductive trail.


**Overall Impression:** Santal Royal is a scent that exudes sophistication and opulence. Its blend of sandalwood and oriental ingredients creates a harmonious and enchanting composition that's perfect for special occasions and evening wear. The fragrance has a remarkable longevity, ensuring that it lingers on the skin, leaving a memorable and regal impression.


**Bottle Design:** Guerlain's Santal Royal is typically presented in an elegant bottle that reflects the richness and exclusivity of the fragrance. The bottle often features intricate gold details and a deep, amber-colored liquid inside.


This fragrance is a true olfactory journey that captures the essence of oriental luxury and is a testament to Guerlain's heritage of crafting exceptional perfumes. It's often regarded as a unisex scent, suitable for those who appreciate the allure of sandalwood and the artistry of fine perfumery.



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