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Gentleman Givenchy Privée

Gentleman Givenchy Privée

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Gentleman Givenchy Privée is a sophisticated and luxurious fragrance that exudes elegance and refinement. This fragrance is a part of the Givenchy Gentleman collection, known for its timeless appeal and modern sensibility.


Privée opens with top notes of black pepper and lavender, creating an initial impression that is both spicy and aromatic. The heart of the fragrance reveals the rich and warm notes of orris and tolu balsam, adding depth and complexity. The base notes of patchouli, black vanilla, and benzoin resin give the perfume a sensuous and velvety finish.


Overall, Gentleman Givenchy Privée is a captivating blend of spices, florals, and precious woods, designed for the confident and sophisticated man. Its long-lasting and intense aroma makes it suitable for special occasions and evening wear, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

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