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Fleur De Peau

Fleur De Peau

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Fleur de Peau by Diptyque is a captivating and elegant perfume that was released as part of the brand's Eau de Parfum collection. It's known for its unique and sophisticated scent profile. Here's a description:

Fleur de Peau opens with a delicate and fresh burst of pink pepper, giving it a subtle spicy kick that immediately grabs your attention. As it settles on your skin, the fragrance unfolds into a graceful bouquet of floral notes. The heart of the scent is dominated by the soft and powdery essence of Bulgarian rose, which lends an aura of romance and femininity.

As the perfume continues to evolve, it reveals its sensual and musky base notes. Ambrette seeds add a creamy, slightly animalic quality to the fragrance, while a hint of iris root provides a velvety, earthy undertone. This combination creates a smooth, skin-like muskiness that lingers on the senses.

Fleur de Peau is a fragrance that manages to be both timeless and modern. It's a captivating olfactory journey that captures the essence of a soft, sensual embrace. It's a versatile scent that can be worn day or night, making it a beloved choice for those who appreciate a touch of sophistication and sensuality in their perfume.
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