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A Kiss From A Rose By Kilian

A Kiss From A Rose By Kilian

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"A Kiss From A Rose" by Kilian is a luxurious and enchanting fragrance that captivates the senses with its intricate blend of notes. This perfume, created by Kilian Hennessy, known for his exquisite scents, offers a romantic and sensual olfactory experience.

Top notes of this fragrance are often described as fresh and inviting, with hints of bergamot and pink pepper that provide an initial burst of brightness. As the scent settles, the heart notes reveal the true beauty of "A Kiss From A Rose" with its rich and velvety floral bouquet. Rose, violet, and magnolia combine to create a lush, intoxicating floral accord that evokes the image of a blooming garden in full splendor.

The base notes of this perfume are where its depth and longevity shine. A warm and sensual blend of vanilla, cedarwood, and musk provides a lasting, creamy backdrop that envelops the wearer in a soft, lingering embrace. This combination of sweet and woody notes balances the floral elements, making it a versatile fragrance suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

Overall, "A Kiss From A Rose" by Kilian is a romantic and alluring scent that embodies the essence of a passionate and timeless love story. It's a fragrance that can make you feel elegant, confident, and utterly captivating.
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