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Toothpaste Bilka Homeopathy Lemon – Bilka


Size: 75ML

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Toothpaste Bilka Homeopathy LEMON is a product created for people who prefer a nature-friendly way of life.

The new formula contains 89.7% natural ingredients. It is suitable for people using homeopathic remedies – it does not contain mint and fluoride or is harmful to the health flavors and sweeteners including SLS. Effectively cleans plaque without damaging tooth enamel and protects against caries. The used ingredients: xylitol*, xanthan gum*, and vegetable glycerin*, provide complex care for teeth and gums.

The lemon extract helps to restore the whiteness and shine of teeth. Magnolia extract* added to the formula is a natural preservative. With a fresh and long-lasting lemon flavor*!
* ingredients of natural origin
Use: Brush your teeth regularly 2-3 times a day for at least 2 minutes.





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