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Spectrum Face Sun – Screen – AmarrBeauty


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Reduce the Signs of Aging. If you want to reduce the signs of aging, then make sunscreen your friend. …
Limit the Appearance of Sunspots. …
Protect the Skin from Sunburn. …
Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer. …
Avoid Broken Blood Vessels.

you should wear sunscreen every day. If you don’t do You’re going to accumulate damage in the skin, which can lead to developing cancerous skin lesions later in life.” Even when it’s overcast, up to 80% of the sun’s rays are still being absorbed by your skin

Effective treatment for dark spots and patches begins with sunscreen. Whether you’re treating the dark spots on your own using sunscreen is essential when you’ll be outside. Applied daily, sunscreen can prevent new dark spots and patches. It can also help to clear existing ones

Daily Apply When you Are Facing The sun




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