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Rose Musk (Our Little Secret) – Unisex


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Rose Musk

Unisex – 12ML


This is a scent very commonly associated with angelic messages.?Roses?are ultimate symbol of love; angels send us their scent in order to make us feel loved and safe. This scent symbolizes ultimate love, divine love


Musk?is obtained from the?musk?pod, a prenuptial gland in a pouch, or sac, under the skin of the abdomen of the male musk deer. Fresh musk is semi liquid but dries to a grainy powder. It is usually prepared for use in perfumes by making a tincture in pure alcohol.

Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used as?base notes?in perfumery. They include glandular secretions from animals such as the musk deer, numerous plants emitting similar fragrances, and artificial substances with similar odors.

Only male?musk deer?produce?musk, at the rate of about 25 g of?musk, per animal, per year.


Our Little Secret


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