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Foot Care Softening Cream – Mask For Severe Calluses – Bielenda


Minty Fresh Foot Care Softening Cream-Mask For Severe Calluses

Size: 100 ML

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Effective Foot Cream Mask for severe calluses, with a softening effect.
It has a rich formula that is quickly absorbed and improves the condition of the skin of the feet requiring intensive regeneration.
It softens the skin of the feet and calluses, leaving it smooth and moisturized.
At the same time, it effectively regenerates and soothes the hardened epidermis, restores its softness and gives a feeling of comfort.

Contains: refreshing mint extract, softening urea.

Massage the cream into the skin of the feet and let it absorb.
Use systematically.
For additional softening and easier removal of the thickened epidermis, also use topically on calluses.




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