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Lifting Night Cream – AmarrBeauty


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Using a night cream boosts your collagen production, helping your skin to look plumper and firmer. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and lessens sagging. In short, the elasticity of your skin Is Given a much needed Boost
Not only does a night cream soothe and hydrate skin after a long day, it can also help induce repair by amplifying cell turnover. While moisturisers for the day usually protect against the elements—pollution, dryness, cold, heat and UV rays
It soothes your face. It also ensures that your skin has an even complexion along with having a finer skin texture. Your night cream boosts collagen in your skin. The cream also helps in better blood circulation

Face wash Make sure to wash your face before applying It ensures that your skin is smooth and free from acne and blemishes.
Apply amarr hydrating toning cleansing milk Toner for smooth skin
Use a hydrating moisturizer




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