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Feniqia – Wheat bran liquid soap – صابون سائل نخالة القمح


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This organic product rich in wheat bran is perfect for mixed and oily skin types. It deeply cleanses the skin. When applied, it penetrates the pores and deeply cleanses until removing all blackheads, dead skin and pimples leaving the skin smooth, supple and clear.

Usage: wash your face with warm water then gently massage it for 1 minute and wash it again. Use it once daily for oily skin type and 3 times a week for mixed skin type for best result.

Ingredients: distilled herbal water, olive oil, coconut oil, wheat bran, sesame oil, honey, vegetableglycerin, soda water, sweet almond oil, coconut extract.

Warning: don’t use this product more than once daily otherwise it can cause dryness. Keep away from heat.




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