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Feniqia – Acne liquid soap – صابون سائل حب الشباب


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Rich in wheat bran and sulfur, this product acts as an antibacterial, antiseptic liquid soap which is suitable for all skintypes. It helps to eliminate all acne traces from the face and body and turns the skin supple and smooth. It is madespecifically for young people to give them a pure, healthy and smooth skin.

Usage: wash your face with warm water then gently massage it for 1 minute and wash it again. Use it once daily at night for best result. It can also be used on the body.

Ingredients: distilled herbal water, herbs extract, olive oil, sweet almondOil, Coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, Honey, Wheat Bran powder, Hibiscus herb, Rosemary herb,soda water, sulfur.

Warning: if pimples appear excessively on the face after using the product, then the soap has taken effect and results will shortly appear. If dryness appears then it’s best to use it 2-3 times a week for 15 seconds. Keep away from heat. Keep it in a dry place after usage.




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