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Facial Ionic Steamer Sokany


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1. Steamed face silicone mask and smoked nose silicone mask, soft and not hurting the body;
2. Steam face, steam nose, moisturize skin, moisturize and decontaminate, etc.;
3. Small and exquisite, breathe out in 5 seconds;
4. Helps to deep clean pores, deeply hydrate, and improve facial blood circulation;
5. Used in hot steam facial sauna, soothing steam can open pores and help remove dirt and makeup residues.

-Material: ABS, silicone
-Capacity: 60ml
-Product size: 125x125x250mm/4.92×4.92×9.84in
-Rated voltage: 110-220V
-Plug: US Plug, EU Plug
-Spray heat: Hot spray
-Functions: Steaming face, smoking nose, moisturizing skin, moisturizing, etc.

-Model: ZJ-1078


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