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Electronic Nail Care System


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The electronic nail care kit for fingernails and toenails features three interchangeable heads for filing, smoothing and polishing nails and an included AA battery. For an ideal finish use moisturizing cuticle and nail oil enriched with 7 nourishing oils.

How does it work

Before use, unscrew the base, and remove and discard the red film. Reinsert the base.

Phase 1: FILE. Insert file number one in dark blue color. Turn on the device and select the desired speed. Use maximum speed for faster results and minimum speed for gentler action. File gently to shape the nail.

Phase 2: SMOOTH. Insert file number two of turquoise color. Gently smoothes the nail surface to eliminate imperfections and scratches.

Phase 3:: GLOSSY. Insert file number three of white color. Polish the nail surface until the desired shine is achieved. Repeat as often as you like to keep the nail shine

The results

You will have naturally shiny nails
No need for clear polish
Professional manicure/pedicure at your home
Easy to use
Perfect for use at home and on the go


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