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Cucumber and Lime Gel+Scrub+Serum 3in1 – Bielenda


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The perfect product For combination and oily skin.

The innovative formula replaces 3 products in achieving perfectly clean and smooth face and full body skin.

The product can be used as:

1. washing gel

2. peeling

3. serum


1. As a GEL thoroughly cleanses, refreshes, removes makeup and excess sebum

2. As a PEELING gently exfoliates, unclogs pores

3. As a SERUM effectively brightens discoloration

The preparation relieves irritation and acne lesions, moisturizes, does not dry out the skin.


Perfectly matte, fresh and exceptionally smooth skin all day long. Discoloration and irritation reduced.


GEL – apply to moistened skin and gently massage, then rinse with water. Use every morning and evening.

PEELING – massage into moist, cleansed skin, then rinse. Use daily.

SERUM – apply to dry, clean skin and leave to rinse for 3 minutes with water.

Use 3 times a week.




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