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Day Cream Reducing Redness – Bielenda


Capillary Skin Day Cream Reducing Redness

Size: 50 ML

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The anti redness day CREAM: prevents the formation of new spider veins and protects the skin from the harmful influence of external factors, reduces skin redness and the visibility of dilated blood vessels, has soothing effect and relieves irritation, reduces hyper reactivity of the skin, brightens up and evens out its tone, intensively moisturises the thin, delicate couperose skin.

The formula is based on effective active ingredients: LACTOBIONIC ACID strengthens repair mechanisms of the skin, reduces visibility of dilated capillaries and the tendency to redness, unifies skin tone, has a strong moisturising effect, TROXERUTIN prevents skin redness, reduces swelling, has a soothing and alleviating effect, CHESTNUT has anti oedematous effect, prevents the formation of new spider veins, soothes irritation D-PANTHENOL is easily absorbed through the barrier of the stratum corneum, it has soothing and anti inflammatory effect, it moisturises and regenerates the skin and makes it soft and elastic.

Every morning, massage the cream into cleansed face, neck and cleavage.




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