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Arz – Our Little Secret


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Eau de Parfum

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Arz is a divine scent rising from cedar’s old wood oils. This warm perfume is an unusual creation of artistic and customized fragrance. It is suitable for persons seeking the rich odours of nature and having attachments to roots and earthy aromas.

Arz is described as a heavy rare perfume, designed to make you feel present in the sweetest and must-old forests of Cedars-Lebanon; while the temperature is low to medium, soft air incorporating your lungs and fog penetrating your body along with the cedar’s trees.

Wearing Arz on your wrists and neck add a vibrational wave to be inhaled by you and others crossing your ways.


Top Notes: Cedars oils aroma.

Heart Notes: Spices.

Base Notes: Mystique Leathery scent.


Our Little Secret

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30 ML, 75 ML

8 reviews for Arz – Our Little Secret

  1. Natasha

    Well recommended. Once you drop one drop you may dance like no one’s watching, but everyone’s watching because you’re mesmerizing.

  2. Anne marie hobeika

    Best perfume ever. Highly recommended ❤️. The scent is so good and it’s long lasting .

  3. Sophie

    It’s woody, smoky, and sweet? so for the ones who love “NICHE PERFUMES”, this is absolutely a very good choice! Regarding longevity, sillage, and performance, it gives you 5 hours of really very strong performance, and the base notes stay on your skin for more than 12 hours! The packaging, presentation, and the bottle are okay, but in my opinion “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JUICE”!

  4. Wassim (verified owner)

    Arz is simply a unique long lasting unisex perfume…
    It is a multi seasonal perfume as well… you can wear it in summer & winter.
    I am a fan of such scents.

  5. Safaa kobba

    Best perfume ever😍😍😍

  6. Ali

    10/10 highly recommended, long-lasting 👍👌

  7. Fouad Tarabay (verified owner)

    Love it an arabic scent but with special idendity! Highly recommended!

  8. Mary

    A very long lasting scent
    Well recommended!

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