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We welcome you since you are visiting our website and you are now one of Shop&Beyond’s family. Shop&Beyond is at your service 24/7 for an ultimate shopping experience. We are operating since January 2019 for local citizens, and now navigating internationally to reach the whole planet since March 2021. We present to our customers a wide variety of makeup selection, organic items, natural products, original perfumes and a selection of best edition perfumes, catchy items dedicated to Shop&Beyond and our Arz collection perfumes made for raising Lebanese people hope and faith in their country Lebanon after their revolution in the end of 2019. Shop&Beyond is offering a variety of brands imported and locally made in order to support local businesses, and be the impulse of the society while helping to cut of distances between suppliers and buyers. Since our launching, we were creating a bond of trust towards our customers. So, they can find us everywhere on social media and contact us directly whenever the support or help is needed. We were present at CityMall for a while, where our sales team were approaching customers in order to smell Arz collection. Our offices are located in Jdeide, where our team is ready to serve your calls and respond your concerns 24/7. Once your orders has been packed, Liban Post or Wasel will deliver your order with care to reach your doors safely. If you are interested to join our team, connect with us on LinkedIN.

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